Thursday, July 04, 2013

Treat this friendship as chastity...

I feel dreadful. My best friend of 5 years and Rowdy par extraordinaire, K, is leaving to Australia for her PG today. No more of K's unabashed honesty, in your face comments and unadulterated craziness for the next 2 years. (Apparently her coming in the summer is not too sure because she has to work there for a bit. )

I mean, when me and my friend went to her house to say goodbye we were all cheerful, we even made so much fun of her, but only when we left her place did we feel so terrible.

I hate this feeling inside, why am I the one who has to say goodbye?


Who will I hang out with now?
Who will give me company to make fun of random people on the road?
Who's going to spur me into doing nutcase things?
Who can I safely complain to about everyone else in the planet?

Curses to all you abandoning International PG students! 


I need a hug & beer!

P.S: The title of this post is inspired by a popular Tamil song (which is related to this Post/Topic)

***Rough translation (only the second verse has been translated)
What If, the family and relatives are come nor go away
(பந்தம் என்ன சொந்தம் என்ன போனா என்ன வந்தா என்ன)

I am not the one who worries about relatives                                 
(உறவுக்கெல்லாம் கவலப்பட்ட ஜன்மம் நானில்ல)

I have you as a friend who gives me love and affection  
(பாசம் வெக்க நேசம் வெக்க தோழன் உண்டு வாழவெக்க)

Here, I do not have anyone other relation than him             

(அவனைத்தவிர உறவுக்காரன் யாரும் இங்கில்லே)

As long as I am alive , even my life 

(உள்ளமட்டும் நானே என் உசிரக் கூடத்தானே) 

I will give away happily if my friend asks for it

(என் நண்பன் கேட்டா வாங்கிக்கன்னு சொல்லுவேன்) 

The food served by my friend runs my blood 

(என் நண்பன் போட்ட சோறு நிதமும் தின்னேன் பாரு) 

I will treat this friendship as chastity

(நட்பைக் கூடக் கற்பைப் போல எண்ணுவேன்)